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AI Crypto COLLE is Among the Top Assets in BlackRock’s $16B Buidl Token Fund


Singapore, SG, [14th May, 2024] – COLLE AI is a leading innovator in the intersection of AI and blockchain technology. It is proud to announce its inclusion as one of the top assets in BlackRock’s $16 billion Buidl Token Fund. This prestigious recognition places COLLE among the elite in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It highlights its significant impact and pioneering role.

The inclusion of COLLE in BlackRock’s Buidl Token Fund underscores the platform’s innovative approach. It shows the platform’s potential for substantial growth within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. BlackRock’s fund is designed to invest in digital assets and blockchain projects that demonstrate visionary leadership and disruptive potential globally.

This acknowledgment from one of the world’s leading investment firms validates COLLE’s business model and technological advancements. It also strengthens its position in the market.

With this strategic recognition, COLLE AI is set to expand its technological developments and market reach further. The company plans to continue innovating at the nexus of AI and blockchain. Thus enhancing its platform to meet the growing demand for digital assets and NFTs globally.

For more information on COLLE’s future initiatives and to follow the company’s progress, please visit colle.ai.


COLLE AI leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the creation and trading of digital assets on the blockchain. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital art and NFTs, COLLE AI offers a platform that simplifies the process for artists and collectors, allowing them to engage with new forms of ownership and artistic expression in the digital age.

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– KaJ Labs
+1 707-622-6168
– media@kajlabs.com

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